15 in 30 Campaign

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How can you help? Between Thursday, June 8, and Sunday, July 2, you can visit our online giving site, GivingFire, and select the 15 in 30 Fund to donate any amount. Anything and everything helps!

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What’s the purpose of this campaign?

We’re aiming to raise $15,000 in 30 days. Why? We’re glad you asked!

This fall, we’ll be committing to stay at The 210. Just as our address will remain the same for the next three to five years, so will our commitment to planting new groups, planting new churches, and maybe even adding more Sunday gatherings while we’re here. With all of that in view, we’re investing $45,000 over the next few months to help us gather and scatter for the next three to five years – and beyond!

From the Elders

Other Ways to Help

> Lend a hand on one of our work days!
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Better Place to Gather:

$30,000 into The 210

While we don’t want people to be attracted to The Village because of our gathering space, we also don’t want the condition of The 210 to keep people away from The Village, either. The place where we gather should reflect the hospitality of our people and facilitate the ministry that happens there. Though The 210 has served us well for the last five years, there’s a lot left to be desired in that regard!

Over the next few months, we’ll be investing roughly $30,000 into our space. Some of that is for necessary work required by the City of Hamilton (a new HVAC unit, for example), and some of that will go towards our own repairs (women’s restroom, lighting, unfinished walls, etc.) and upgrades (signage, furnishings, meeting spaces, discipleship resources, etc.).

Better Equipped to Scatter:

$15,000 into the Emergency Fund

As we move towards planting churches and the possibility of adding Sunday gatherings, we could use a guy like Matt Tucker to come on board full-time. The instrumental role he plays in making Sundays happen, overseeing finances, building systems and processes, etc. will become more valuable and – more time-consuming – as we grow. And Matt’s not key just because he can and has done it all, but because he invites and equips others to join the mission, as well.

Once we add $15,000 to the emergency fund, get through the “summer slump” that all churches face, and fix up The 210, we’ll be able to free up Matt’s week so he can bring his gifts, talents, and experience to the table full-time for the future of The Village Church.