Community Groups: Join, Gather, Scatter… and SERVE this Wednesday!

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Hey folks!

Next week is the first week of January…. crazy! Hope you guys are excited to ring in the new year!

In case you don’t know, when it comes to our weekly community group gatherings, we usually take three months of rest throughout the year – April, August, and December – to reflect, regroup, and enjoy a little Sabbath from our “normal” routines. That means come January (next week!), our groups will resume getting together from week to week through the end of March. We gather each week to be built up as disciples so we can scatter back out until the ordinary rhythms of our life as more faithful missionaries and servants of Jesus.

A couple of things that next week might mean for you:

1) If you’re not plugged into a group yet, we’d love for you to be! …and this is a prime time to get connected. Visit to learn a little more, check out which groups we have, and feel free to connect with a leader using the form on the site.

2) If you’re connected to one of the Hamilton-Area Community Groups (Chases, Gardners, Meyers, Perrys), then you may have heard from your leaders that they and potential future leaders will be meeting next Wednesday night, January 4, from 6:30-8:00pm at The 210. We’ll be praying, planning and pursuing God’s guidance on planting new groups from our area in 2017 together that night. (Please be praying with and for us!) That may or may not have an affect on your group gatherings next week, depending on what night you all usually gather.

What we need and what I’d love is to have four folks from those four Hamilton-Area Community Groups hang out with our leaders’ (and future leaders’) kiddos for those 90 minutes next Wednesday night. It’s a super easy way to serve your group leaders, future leaders, and the mission of the church… and if your group meets on Wednesday night, you’ve already got the time carved out anyways!

Reply if you’d be willing to help. I’ll make sure you’ll have everything you need to keep the kids occupied. 🙂

Thanks guys! If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, etc., shoot ’em my way.

Much love!