The Village Listener | Church-wide Survey

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Hey Village family!

For the next two weeks, we’re inviting you to respond to a church-wide surveyThe Village Listener – about your experience with The Village: its life, its leaders, and the direction you see it heading in.

We are an elder-led and member-informed church. In order for your elders to KNOW, FEED, LEAD and PROTECT the members of The Village, we have to make every effort and create regular opportunities to hear from and listen to all of you. This is why we have our open Family Meetings and the Elder Q&A the week beforehand. This is why we have our annual membership realignment and re-commitment in the fall. And this is why it’s even more important to us that we and the other leaders in The Village are accessible, transparent, open to comment and criticism, and – ultimately – worthy of your trust.

This survey is a new avenue to hear from ALL of you INDIVIDUALLY. A few notes:

  • This survey is open to everyone, not just covenant members of The Village.
  • It’s not anonymous. (We unpack this at the beginning of the survey.)
  • There are five focuses: 1) your information, 2) The Village overall, 3) Community Groups, 4) Serve Teams, and 5) anything else you want to share.
  • Raw responses will be received by the elders.
  • Responses will be used to inform our leadership – from elders and deacons to team leads and group leaders. We’re not collecting information just to have it; we want it to shape the church.
  • We’ll share in some form and fashion the high points of what we heard from you and what that means for us.
  • If it seems to serve its purpose well, we plan to make this survey an annual rhythm here at The Village.

We want to make sure we’re becoming the kind of church we say we want to be. By participating – and not holding any punches! – this survey will serve as a reality check to see if that’s what our Village Family as a whole is seeing and experiencing here.

Let us know if you have any problems with or questions about the survey.


Thanks in advance for your time, thoughtfulness and honesty!

-Scott & The Elders