Gather with a Community Group this week!

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Hey folks!

As many of you already know, we have two main rhythms for gathering together as the church:

  1. Sunday morning whole-church gatherings, and
  2. Weekly community group gatherings.

Those rhythms are super important to us! In the New Testament, people were encouraged to gather with the church, but not merely for the sake of having good attendance or simply being “in the audience.” Instead, the author of Hebrews encouraged his readers to gather with the church regularly so they could consider how to stir one another up to love, good works, and encouragement (10:24-25). In other words, not only do we get to BE MINISTERED TO when we gather, but we get to MINISTER TO OTHERS when we gather, as well! This is how the body was meant to live and grow together.

If you’re not yet gathering with a community group, now’s the perfect time to get connected! During three months of the year (April, August and December), we take a break from our formal weekly gatherings as community groups. That means that starting this week – the first week in May – our groups will resume their weekly gatherings once again! It’s a natural time for those interested in connecting to a community group to hop in!

For more information about community groups, why we have them, where they are, who leads them, when they meet, etc., check out our website at You can learn more AND connect with a group there using the form. You can also reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Like we say every week, we gather together to be built up as disciples so we can scatter into the world as more faithful missionaries and servants of Jesus. We hope you’ll gather with one of our groups this week!

Much love,