15 in 30 Campaign

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Hey church!

As we’ve recently shared, we’ll be recommitting to keep The 210 our gathering place for the next three to five years. The fact that we WON’T be undertaking what had become a $300,000+ building project means a few things for us:

  1. We have some work that we HAVE to do here! There’s some required repairs and upgrades we have to make to The 210 in order for us to legally gather here (not the least of which is a whole extra HVAC unit).
  2. We have some work we’d LIKE to do here! There are some things we’d like to finish (exposed drywall, for example), fix up (did someone says the women’s bathroom?), enhance (like signage for visitors or those who just get easily lost), and more.
  3. Our budget won’t be maxed-out with building loans! That means we get to continue putting our resources towards making disciples instead of making payments. Such a huge blessing since The 210 is one-and-a-half blocks from High Street with the kind of floor plan we need, parking, handicap access, etc.

Investing in Our Rhythms & Mission

Looking at the next three to five years and beyond, we want to plan, steward, and invest our resources in ways that seek the kingdom first. That means setting YOU up for the ministry he’s called ALL of us to do – making, maturing and multiplying disciples. Essentially, we want to make a Better Place to Gather one another and our neighbors together, as well as become even Better Equipped to Scatter among our neighbors as missionaries and servants.

Keeping our [com]mission of disciple-making top-of-mind and reinforcing our rhythms of gathering and scattering are always important. But they become even more important as we continue to grow, move towards planting new groups, get closer to planting our first, and consider “planting” another Sunday gathering at The 210 someday down the road.

This is why we want to invest $45,000 over the next few months: $30,000 to make our space HOSPITABLE to neighbors, HELPFUL for the servants, leaders and ministries who use it, and… well, LEGAL (!), and $15,000 so Matt Tucker can come on staff full-time and spend his weeks EQUIPPING the church for ministry… maybe as early as this fall! The $15,000 we need for Matt is to build the Emergency Fund up to a place where it covers three months of operating expenses that INCLUDES everything that comes with adding a full-time staff person… and we’d want to do that BEFORE he comes on board. Both of these endeavors are investments that will pay off over the years in ways that are most important to the church: making, maturing and multiplying disciples.

$15,000 in 30 Days (or… ‘15 in 30 Campaign’)

Because of YOUR generosity and the fantastic stewardship of Matt, Nate Perry, the budget and finance teams, and everyone else who has helped with that stuff over the years, we’re in a place to be able to pursue all of these things. We have savings, an emergency fund, and a healthy monthly budget. We can stay at The 210 and move towards bringing Matt on board in the future.

And yet, if we could raise $15,000 in 30 days, it’d be incredibly helpful! We could take care of The 210 without entirely draining our savings (something we don’t desire to do), and we’d be able to shorten the timeline to bring Matt on (something we DO desire to do!). Otherwise, we’ll spend month after month building our savings back up and increasing our emergency fund bit by bit, all the while missing out on weeks and months and maybe longer that we could’ve otherwise had Matt in the day-to-day trenches with us and with you. A little bit of money on the front end – and if it’s more than $15,000, that’s great! – will go a long way for The Village in the long-run.

How Can You Contribute?

Between now and Sunday, July 2, you can go to our regular online giving site (myvillagechurch.givingfire.com) and contribute to the “15 in 30” fund. (It should actually be the first fund that pops up!) You can also give on Sundays while you’re at The 210; just be sure to note somewhere that your gift is for “15 in 30.”

If you’re a regular giver, first… thank you! Second, we’d ask that you not forfeit your normal contribution for the sake of giving to the campaign. Instead, we’d just ask that you prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you give anything above and beyond to the campaign. If you can, great! If you can’t, please offer your prayers and – if you can! – your hands during our work days at The 210 (more info on those to come!).

We have a page on our website dedicated to the campaign (myvillagechurch.com/15in30) and you can watch a video of Michael and I explaining this stuff. Feel free to spread the word and share it with others.

And, as always, don’t hesitate to bring your questions, concerns, thoughts, etc. to any of us. We’re open books, and it’s our job to serve you and lead you well. We WANT to hear from you!

Love you guys! So grateful I get to be part of The Village and super excited about our next few years together marching together on mission.