New Members! | Welcome to the Family & the Mission

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Hey all. I just wanted to CELEBRATE with you all (reminding those who were at gathering and introducing to those who were not at the gathering Sunday!) the new round of folks committed to life with The Village through membership!

Without further ado, please welcome with me the newest round [Vol. 10] of Village Church members – in random order:

  • Jorris Allognon
  • Grace Carr
  • Nick Wilson
  • Kaylynn Suttles
  • Brittany Matzinger
  • Miguel Naupa
  • Emmy Lakes
  • Bethany Thomas
  • Sheldon Thomas
  • Stacey Kreklau
  • David Kreklau

It’s genuinely a joy and pleasure to get to welcome new [and old] friends into the family and mission of God through The Village. To current members, make it your ambition to seek out these people, offer a welcome and a handshake! They really are all uniquely cool, with great life stories, different perspectives, and an eagerness to get to know [even more] folks that are a part of The Village Church.

For you NUMBER people, here are some updated stats around Village membership:

  • Avgerage Sunday Attendance for 2017: 115 adults in gathering | 195 total humans
  • Number of ACTIVE Members: 109

For those interested in Membership at the Village, feel free to poke around the web page, ask questions, fill out the brief questionnaire, and we will get back to you soon. We offer future rounds of Village Gate two times per year!

Grace & Peace, ya’ll,