Scars & Bars | Inmates, Ex-felons, and Those on the Fringes

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At the end of yesterday’s gathering, Patrick Davis of Scars and Bars briefly shared about his ministry and the need for the church to step into our prisons and the lives of those who are there. From Patrick:

Scars and Bars is a holistic, faith-based prison and reentry non-profit based in Hamilton, Ohio. Our mission is to empower inmates, ex-felons and those on the fringes of society to live healthy, whole lives.

We celebrate Independence Day and our freedom every July 4th, but we incarcerate more people than any country on earth. There are 2.3 million people incarcerated in the United States. Of those who are incarcerated, about 95% of them will eventually be released back into our communities. So the question isn’t whether or not they’ll return; the question is how do we want them to return?

As a local church, The Village has always said that the first and best thing we have to offer anyone from anywhere no matter their story is our gospel community. We get to not only proclaim the good news of Jesus, but embody his kingdom in the way we love, live and move together as His people.

If you’d like to learn more or find ways to serve, check out Scars and Bars’ website or follow them on Facebook.