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Hey church!

We just published two resources that speak into the way we ought to think, feel, and engage the LGBTQ community and how we ought to see, love, serve and invite those who are part of it into our lives, gatherings, and more. One is our usual Friday podcast, and the other is an audio recording of a Sunday Equip from a couple years ago.

This isn’t a hypothetical exercise for us; it’s a past, present, and future reality that men and women who identify as gay, transgender, and other facets of the spectrum are gathering with us. And that’s a welcome reality for us as a church that strives to steadfastly hold to the Scriptures and preach its gospel.

Here are the resources:

  • Sunday Equip: Gender & Sexuality | During this Sunday night Equip, we explore the cultural and biblical understandings of gender, sexuality, and more. This resource is more information and educational in nature. Stream the audio at the link above or directly download the MP3. You can also view the slides from that evening, as well.
  • Formed & Sent Podcast: Gay & Gathering | Whether or not you know it, members of the LGBTQ community gather with the church. How has Christ called his church to befriend, invite, and include them with biblical faithfulness, gospel mindfulness, and His other-oriented love? This is a much more pastoral resource via a conversation between Michael and me. You can download the MP3 directly here.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the elders directly or email us at

Love you all!