Promotion Sunday! | Moving up in (or out of!) K-Ville

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Hey church!

This Sunday, September 3rd, we’ll have our annual Promotion Sunday for our school-age K-Ville kids who are moving up to their next class! If they’ve not moved up by now, then on this first Sunday in September…

  • …our new first graders will move up into our Big K-Ville class!
  • …our new seventh graders will move out of Big K-Ville, into the main gathering area, up to our 7th-12th grade student ministry!
  • …both our Big K-Ville class and our large gathering will welcome and celebrate their youngest newcomers!

As a refresher, when a child turns two years of age, they move up from Tiny K-Ville into L’il K-Ville, and when they turn four years of age, they move into Pre-K-Ville. Those transitions can and should happen throughout the year as our kids celebrate their birthdays.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Deacons Aaron and Katy Debbink, or shoot us a message at