The Gospel of Luke | Spring ’18 Women’s Bible Study!

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A message from Kelly O’Donohoe:

Our annual women’s spring bible study is starting on Sunday, March 4th! Kristen Santos will be leading us through the gospel of Luke for 8 weeks through March and April, skipping Easter Sunday. We’ll be meeting at 3:30pm on Sunday afternoons at the 210 and hope you’ll join us!

Our vision for women’s bible study at The Village Church is that it wouldn’t be the ONLY time you’re studying your bibles but that it would be a time to learn HOW to study and to practice that skill together. This means that we won’t be following a published curriculum but we WILL be asking you to do homework! Don’t be intimidated! Whether studying your bible is a new concept to you or you’ve been doing it for decades, there’s something for you to learn and something for you to give to the other women who show up.

Online registration is now up or you can sign up at the Connections Desk at The 210. If you’re planning to join us (and I hope you are!), please read through the entire book of Luke before March 4th at least once and fill out this introduction worksheet to help set up the context of the book.

Feel free to contact me (Kelly O’Donohoe), Kristen Santos, or email us at if you have any questions.

My prayer for the women of The Village Church is that we will be transformed by the renewal of our minds and discern what the will of the Lord is, so let’s get to it!

In love,