Raising Lifelong Disciples | A Survey for Parents, Kids, and Everyone Else!

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At The Village, we want to make lifelong disciples – lovers of Jesus and lovers of his church. While all of life is discipleship, that doesn’t mean the mission happens without being intentional and purposeful. While we might have groups, serve teams, tracks, and other opportunities for us to grow as followers of Jesus, it’s sometimes a lot harder to nail down when we ought to invite Village kids into those very things. In fact, it’s pretty easy to let them fly under the radar and – ultimately – fall between the cracks.

Well, we don’t want that to happen! While we hope to create some resources and opportunities specifically for kids this year (more to come on that!), we also want to do our part in coming alongside parents and kids to help them think about what it looks like to empower and unleash the youngest among us as active participants and contributors in the church with their own personalities, gifts, and ambitions. It’s important to meet them where they are, but it’s equally important to help them discern where God would have them go as part of his church!

When do kids get to be part of “adult” community group conversations? When should they pursue membership? When should they begin serving on a team? Do they even know what those things are or why they matter? These questions and others are ones we get to ask and consider together!

Linked below is a survey for everyone at The Village – parents/guardians, kids, and invested Villagers in general! – to help us get a pulse on where all of us are in this. If you’d take a few minutes to fill it out, we’d appreciate it! Your feedback will help us help the church for years to come!

Thanks in advance!

//LINK: http://goo.gl/forms/bj0dfp9ozMU7gNxU2