SEASON SETUP: Lent at The Village

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Hey everyone!

Like we mentioned Sunday, the season of LENT will be upon us this week! Starting this Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) through Holy Saturday (the day before Easter), many churches across denominations recognize the 40(-ish) days in a variety of ways.

Depending on your background, you might not have ANY IDEA what Lent is. Or perhaps you practiced Lent every year growing up like me! No matter the case, we always strive to make known WHAT WE BELIEVE about the things we say and do and – just as importantly! – WHY we say and do them. So unsurprisingly, we’ve put some things together to help unpack what Lent means to The Village.

Here are a couple of resources from us on Lent and some of the things often associated with it – primarily, “giving something up for Lent” (AKA, fasting):

We hope you find these things helpful and enriching over the next several weeks!