Complementarian Considerations

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Hey church!

As we shared in our last Family Meeting back in February, the elders have been weighing questions about men, women, and how we “do church” together (…or in some cases, separately!). Some of these questions were ones we had been asking ourselves over the last year-plus, and some of them were brought to us recently by faithful covenant members. Over the span of these last few months, we’ve invested a ton of time and energy to try to answers those questions – and some of our own. And today, we’re excited to share the fruit of that effort!

We’ve written a document (of course it’s a Google Doc!) called Complementarian Considerations. It unpacks the questions at hand, what’s at stake, the high points of how we interpret the Scriptures, our values and considerations that flow from those, and recommended changes to our current outlets and opportunities for men and women at The Village. In addition to the document, we used last week’s episode of the podcast to walk through this content, as well. (So if you’re a regular listener, you’re already “in the know!”)

We’re grateful for those of you who have texted, called, commented, met for coffee, or taken us aside to share your thoughts – and to hear our own! The only relational currency we have within The VIllage is your trust, and we hope our desire to listen and engage with you and to study and submit to the Scriptures has and will continue to build that trust.

With that in mind, if you find yourself with lingering questions after reading through this document, we’re setting aside some space after next Sunday’s gathering for Q&A. This won’t be a general [re-]teaching time on the topic, but rather an opportunity to ask clarifying questions and interact with us. Feel free to join us for the huddle in the Huddle Room after the gathering!

We love you all and are so glad we get to be your pastors! We hope this serves the church well now and in the years to come.