Spring ’18 Campaign Fund

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We are excited about all that is going on at The Village Church and thankful for the growth and opportunities God has given us and allowed us to be apart of. As Pastor Scott posted on the website,

“We are growing in age, maturity, capacity, and need. We’re providing vacation bible school for the first time this year. Big K-Ville is busting at the seams. Our students need a gathering space that’s their own. And our space is being used more and more for events, meals, equips, trainings, parties, and more.”

To accommodate for all of this, we will need to do some work to our 210 space and raise a little money to fund all of this. That is why, for three weeks, we are making you aware of and inviting you into the Spring ‘18 Campaign Fund. Our goal is to raise $5000 in three weeks to help us invest in Vacation Bible School, remodeling a room for Village Student Ministries, building out a cry room and making some renovations to our dump of a kitchen.

Being able to do all of this would set us up well for this next season of ministry as we continue to invest into our children and continue to make the 210 space a better tool for doing ministry.

If you feel led to contribute to this, you can give at our Sunday gathering or online at https://myvillagechurch.givingfire.com/ and be sure to select the appropriate fund. The Spring ‘18 Campaign Fund will be open for contributions from Sunday May 6 through Sunday May 27. So far, in the three days this has been going on, we have already received $700. Thanks so much for considering to further the mission of God in this way.

If you would like more information, please visit this link http://myvillagechurch.com/spring18/

and please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!