2018 Annual Church Survey | The Village Listener

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Hey Villagers!

As a church, we are elder-led and member-informed. We strive to not only be approachable and available to hear from our members when they want to chat, but to also proactively check-in and solicit your questions, feedback, comments, concerns, etc. at various points and in various ways throughout the year.

One of those ways is an annual survey (The Village Listener) that we throw out in the first half of the year. It’s by no means mandatory, but we want to offer it for those who may want to give us feedback on:

  • The overall direction/trajectory of The Village
  • The elders
  • Sunday mornings, including K-Ville
  • Teams, Servant-Leaders, and Deacons
  • Groups and Group Leaders
  • Anything else you want to share

The Village operates on a currency of trust, and that’s something we want to invest in and build up over time. If you want to take a few minutes to complete¬†this Google Form, we’d love to listen to you. And because trust is so important:

  • Anonymous responses won’t be read or considered.
  • Your responses will be held confidentially with the elders.
  • If your response indicates something we need to investigate, discuss more broadly, or act upon, we promise to talk with you BEFORE pursuing further action according to biblical principles and pastoral wisdom.

We love that we get to KNOW, FEED, LEAD, and PROTECT you all and are forever grateful for the gift of The Village Church!