Heads Up! | Four Things to Know Heading into the Weekend

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Hey folks!

We want to make sure you’re filled in on a few things that are unique about this upcoming weekend. Take note:

  1. Sunday’s Order of Gathering | As Matt said this past Sunday, we want to make space in our gatherings for creativity in expressing worship and healthy variation that helps our heads and hearts stay out of ruts. This Sunday, we’ll be allotted more time for response and worship at the end of the gathering, which means the sermon will begin earlier in the gathering.  Make sure to show up on time or early (as we know you always do… **wink wink, nudge nudge**), otherwise you might be walking in during the middle of the sermon!
  2. The Village’s Ninth Birthday | We’ll be celebrating The Village’s birthday this Sunday with a photobooth and some extra refreshments! We’d love for you to take a picture and enjoy a snack while you’re with us on Sunday. So stick around after the gathering, and consider going to…
  3. Operation Pumpkin | The annual fall festival is taking over downtown Hamilton again this year from Friday-Sunday. It’s a quick one-block walk from The 210 to the festivities, and a number of Villagers are vendors this year. Go over together with a group and stop by to say hi… and maybe give them some business! It’s a good time.
  4. High Street Closure | Since Operation Pumpkin is taking over downtown, High Street will be closed this weekend. Take note of the details here and plan your route accordingly!

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!