Helping Teen Moms This Christmas

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Hey folks!

Hopefully most of you know about YoungLives, a local ministry that serves teen moms in our community. YoungLives gathers once a month at The 210 for a meal, fellowship, and some intentional conversation, connects teen moms with female mentors, and give them the opportunity to experience gospel community at camp and in other ways throughout the year. And that Hamilton Thanksgiving 5K you probably heard so much about? That’s all for their ministry, too!

As a partner in ministry with YoungLives, we’d love to do something extra for them at Christmastime, and they let us know what would be appreciated! While many of us take for granted the fact that we can buy diapers, gas, and groceries without a second thought, the same isn’t true for many of these moms. It can be a stretch to GET to the grocery store, let alone buy everything they might need for their babies and themselves once they’re there!

We’re asking you to consider choosing one (or two!) of 12 moms to gift them kids’ diapers, wipes, and/or underwear in December. The Village will provide a gift card for groceries/gas for each family, too, as well as a note from all of church family to theirs.

If you’re interested in helping, check out this post on Realm. (And if you need to sign up for Realm, check out this page!) You can see the details and adopt a family there. Questions? Contact Scott at