Expanding City Serve Opportunities

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Hey everyone!

For the last few years, we’ve had three regular City Serve opportunities that we’ve spotlighted and encouraged you to connect with throughout the year: The Father’s House, Haven House, and YoungLives. If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ve heard about work parties at The Father’s House, sharing meals with Haven House families, and hosting monthly gatherings for YoungLives. In fact, we’re celebrating Christmas with Haven House and helping the teen moms of YoungLives this Christmas.

But we know that while some of us are actively involved with these groups, many others are involved in a host of other organizations and ministries that are also doing good work in our community, but haven’t been spotlighted as a City Serve Team or opportunity. We not only want to recognize and celebrate all the work that Villagers do in our community throughout the year, but we also want to put those opportunities and organizations in front of our folks who might be looking for outlets to use what God’s given them for the good of our communities.

Because of that, I’d like to expand our list of City Serve opportunities to include those organizations…

  1. …with which you are actively connected and involved,
  2. …whose mission and activities don’t run counter to the kingdom of God or The Village,
  3. …and that have regular opportunities that would be open to newcomers from The Village.

If you have an organization / opportunity you’d like to add to the list and would be willing to serve as a point of contact for anyone from The Village wanting to learn a little more, complete this short form.

We’ll be making this list of opportunities more prominent in tangible ways at The 210 and will be pointing to it regularly as a “next step” for those wanting to make a difference in the community.

Note that these opportunities DO NOT have to be Hamilton-centric (in fact, I’d love to see some outside of Hamilton!), and if you have an opportunity you’d like to CREATE (because to the best of your knowledge, nothing like it currently exists!), then reach out to me at scott.odonohoe@myvillagechurch.com. Let’s chat!

We’ll be sharing more in the near future about desires to become more integrated with the neighborhood surrounding The 210 (formally the Second Ward of Hamilton). Stay tuned!

Thanks all!