Interested in Leading a Bible Study?

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The Word is central in everything we do! (You’ll actually hear more about that tomorrow as we kick off our new sermon series!) It’s preached on Sundays, wrestled with in group gatherings, and read by many of you on your own throughout the week. We love that!

But The Village also likes to create a formal, public space for anyone and everyone to study a portion of the Scriptures together – and not just to deliver pre-packaged information, but to invite you into exploring, discovering, and being changed by the Bible as we do the work of digging into it together.

With the exception of this past year, we’ve offered bible studies twice a year – once in the spring (March-April-ish) and once in the fall (September-October-ish). We’d like to do that again in 2019… but we want your help in making it happen!

We’ve enjoyed having different teachers for each of our previous bible studies. It’s a great opportunity for those with a gift of teaching to exercise it, hone it, and build up the church with it (which is why the Spirit gives gifts in the first place!), while at the same time providing a rich variety of Village personalities and styles that lead us through the Scriptures. And we need two of those personalities for our 2019 studies!

If you’d be interested in leading a Village bible study this spring, this fall, or sometime in the future, I’d love to hear from you! You can:

So glad to be a part of a church that treasures the Word! Looking forward to growing in it together this year!