What Happens When We Assume the Gospel? | Gospel Basics Class

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Nothing good ever happens when we make assumptions. Important things get missed. Clarity is lost. People wind up on different pages. Disappointment, disagreement, and disillusionment are the eventual fruits of people assuming too much for too long.

So how important should it be for God’s people to NOT assume that we know the gospel? Just because we say we’re formed and sent by the gospel, desire to live gospel-centered lives, and preach and teach the bible with Jesus as the hero, we can’t assume that people know what any of that means, why that’s important, or the difference that should make in our daily lives.

We want to be a people who look at life through a biblical lens of the gospel, not only so we can see ourselves, each other, and our neighbors as people in need of better news than the world can ever offer, but so that we’ll actually be equipped to offer that better news! So join us on Wednesday, January 30th from 6:30-8:00pm for a 90-minute crash course on the basics of what that better news is – the good news of Jesus. We’ll unpack the news of the gospel, the benefits of the gospel that make it so good, and what it looks like to do gospel ministry with one another and our neighbors.

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Willing to provide KidCare? We’d love it if a few volunteers from our community groups would be willing to provide it that night so that more Villagers will be able to come, learn, and grow with us. Contact me (Scott!) if you’d like to help.