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Hey church!

Regularly gathering with the church is a beautiful, unique, and essential part of discipleship. We love coming together on Sundays for in-person preaching, corporate singing, church-wide communion, and prayer with one another, as well meeting mid-week in groups for deeper fellowship in the word, around the table, and among neighbors.

But no matter how well you might heed Hebrews’ call to “not neglect meeting together,” there are bound to be times when you simply can’t (or shouldn’t!) gather. Such was the case last week with the weather!

Because of that, I wanted to package together a few things in one post that might help you enjoy some elements of our Village gatherings if you’re unable to join us any given week. While church isn’t something you can stream into your home, you can access some of these things when you’re stuck there:

  • Music: Here’s a Spotify playlist of some of the songs we sing together on Sundays.
  • Sermons: Here are links to our sermon audio feed (use for your podcast app) and our sermon series page on the website. You can browse a lot of our past sermons there. You can also search for The Village Church on platforms like iTunes, Google Music, and Stitcher, and you should be able to find us.
  • K-Ville Videos: Every week, we update a YouTube playlist, adding the most recent Gospel Project video shown in K-Ville. You can also find links to individual videos, main ideas, focal passages, and discussion questions on our weekly discipleship guide (see below!).
  • Discipleship Guides: You can find our discipleship guides anytime on our website. Google Drive folders for each of our recent series are linked on the page.

Despite recent trends of “online churches,” we know that community is something we cultivate face-to-face and corporate worship is something we do shoulder-to-shoulder. But when we can’t do that, we hope that the common graces of podcasts, online videos, and Google Docs will aid your worship – wherever you are!