Equipping the Church for Care | Stepping into SoulCare & Mental Health

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Hey church!

We’re so grateful to be part of a church body that has a heart for moving TOWARDS one another when tough stuff happens or rears its head. It’s easy to sweep the small stuff under the rug or to run away from the stuff that seems insurmountable, but so many of you have evidenced a desire to move into both for the sake of one another and the cause of Christ.

As a church, we not only want to encourage and celebrate that, but we also want to better equip you to do it, too. How do we bear one another’s burdens without becoming burnt out? Won’t our own baggage warp the way we try to help others? What does help even look like, and how could we possibly ever be educated or skilled enough to step into whatever comes our way in community? And most importantly, how does the gospel shape the way we move towards one another that offers something distinct from the moralistic and therapeutic approaches of the world? We want to learn together about those things and more.

This year, we’re inviting everyone into two separate courses:

  • A 10-session course on Biblical SoulCare that will lay the groundwork of moving towards one another with and through the gospel, and…
  • A 6-session course on the intersection of mental illness and the Christian faith called Grace Academy.

Both of these courses are free, available online, and can be completed as self-studies. However, we ARE offering meetups for each course throughout the year for those who really want to discuss and digest the content together (something we’d recommend!). You can read details on the courses, how they work, where to find them, and meetup details in this one-pager here.

Our goals are two-fold:

  1. The first is education that allows all of us to move towards one another having been informed by biblical truth, scientific fact, and seasoned wisdom.
  2. The second is to see if anything more formal arises from these two courses: through Biblical SoulCare, a few men and women who might want to make SoulCare their primary way of serving the church, and through Grace Academy, a few people who may want to facilitate a 16-week support group for those suffering with or who have loved ones suffering from mental illness.

While you can study either of the courses whenever you’d like and whatever order you desire, we’re focusing on the Biblical SoulCare course for our meetups FIRST (June and July), since it lays a more general foundational.  If you’re interested in diving into THIS course in particular, let us know by filling out this quick form right here. We’ll have a meetup for Grace Academy in September, and will invite the church into that more formally as that gets closer.

We hope that many of you will take advantage of these two courses and that we grow together as a church through them in 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out!