Summer Picnic in the (Marcum!) Park | Sunday, May 19th

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We are excited that it will be at Marcum Park this year, which is a great central location to hang out together and possibly meet some neighbors in the community! If you don’t know where that is here is the address:

116 Dayton Street Hamilton ( by the amphitheater).

We will have a food truck- the ChiliHut- this year which will be fun! Fadi is the owner and he has been super great working with me through this process so give him and his team a warm welcome! The ChiliHut has great reviews for their chili in Cincinnati, they serve coneys, 3 ways, walking tacos etc. As well as substitutes for the chili such as coleslaw and beans.

There will be a tent when you arrive at the park, there will be Village folk parked there to help. Please bring your family and friends through the tent where they will each get a ticket for their meal. One ticket= one menu item per person. There is no difference between a child or adult ticket.

As far as when we eat, Fadi will be set up and ready to serve starting around 11. We may all be eating in waves as not all of us can line up at the same time. Please just be mindful of the line, if there are about 10-15 people in line, hang out, chat with friends, play games and check again in a few minutes. The line will run through pretty quickly!

What to bring:

-drinks for your family, we will have bottles of water in coolers at the park.

-chairs, blankets, if you have little foldable tables for your kids you are more than welcome to bring those. The only park rule is we can not put stakes in the ground for tents etc.

-bring extra snacks/cookies if you would like. As we won’t be eating all at once it may be nice to have some snacks to munch on.

-outdoor games

-if you haven’t been there before there is usually a little fountain area on that kids like to play in- so plan for that as you would like!

++The bathrooms by the amphitheater will be open and accessible

We have a great group of people that will be around if you need anything! I will leave updates on here! Feel free to ask any questions! Thanks guys!