Celebrate Christmas with The Village!

We Love Christmas!

And that’s why we have a special gathering to celebrate it together each and every year. Traditionally, we gather on Christmas Eve Eve (December 23rd) to worship as a church family so we’re free to celebrate with our individual families on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And this year will be no different!

PLEASE NOTE: We won’t be gathering formally as a church on Sunday, December 24th or Monday, December 25th. After Christmas Eve Eve, our next gathering will be on Sunday, December 31st at our normal time of 10:30am.

Village Christmas

Christmas Eve Eve Gathering

sing · pray · behold · proclaim

We know a slew of you have traditions and travel that span across Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As a local church, we esteem gathering together to celebrate Jesus’ arrival as God’s family. But as a church family made up of many, many smaller families, we also value celebrating Christmas with our loved ones. That’s why we’ve made it an annual tradition of gathering together on Christmas Eve Eve. We want as many of us as possible to gather with the church AND with their family for Christmas!

So join us on Christmas Eve Eve for an hour of worship through song, scripture, preaching and prayer as we rejoice in Christ’s past and future coming. All are welcome!