Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Want to know what training opportunities we have this year? Here you can see the upcoming Labs (three-hour intensives on Saturdays), Equips (90-minute trainings on Sunday nights), and some other one-time events happening at The Village in 2018.

Want to request space for an event? Visit myvillagechurch.com/request.

The 2018 Lineup

Sexual Assault Awareness
Saturday, April 14th

Ordinary Ordinances
Sunday, April 15th

Finance Lab
Saturday, May 19th

Language of the Gospel
Sunday, June 3

Group Leader Basics
Sunday, August 5

Family Meeting
Sunday, August 26

Village Gate
Sunday, October 21

Village Finance Lab

Finance Lab:
A Class About Money

Saturday, May 19th | 9:00am-12:00pm
Registration Open! (click here)

The Village is offering a free class on how to think about and manage the money we have. The class will be built around some teaching, some group discussion, and some time for you to ask questions and consider your own finances. We’ll be addressing what the bible says about money, why it seems so hard to manage, and other practical tools and advice.

Language of the Gospel:
Growing in Our Fluency

Coming in June!
Registration Coming Soon

We might know that Jesus should change the way we live in the day-to-day, but it’s not always clear¬†how he changes it.¬†Daily life can swing from the ordinary humdrum to the unpredictable and overwhelming, and it’s second nature for us to offer advice, encouragement, tips and tricks or to seek out lifehacks, shortcuts, and temporary fixes. But how do we offer people Jesus? How do we learn to speak the gospel fluently to ourselves and those around us in a way that really matters to lives that can be both mundane and insane. Come learn how the gospel really does speak good news into every area of your life.