Discipleship Guides

Disciples don’t have to have a second-hand relationship with Jesus.

Grab a Guide

The links below will take you to a Google Folder with guides in two formats: Google Docs and PDFs. Hard copies are also available at the Connect Desk on Sundays.

CURRENT | Sermon on the Mount: Mathew 5-7

1 Corinthians: Broken Beauty

1 Peter: Imperishable

Acts: The Story Continues

Esther: Present & Preserving

Four Hopes

Genesis: Our Family Tree

Gospel Root, Spirit’s Fruit

It Is Finished

Least of These

Proverbs: Living Wise

Stand-Alone Sermons

Every Series (all folders)

A Weekly Tool for Discipleship

an at-home complement to our weekly gatherings

It’s incredibly easy to have a second-hand relationship with Jesus today. We can download sermons, scour blogs, read books, share Facebook quotes and consume podcasts about the Christian faith all day long without ever engaging Jesus one-on-one in His Word. We’re not called to collect other people’s thoughts about God or his Word, but to hear from him directly through the words he wrote us.

Dig Deeper into the Focal Text

Our guides help us practice the basics of bible study: observing, understanding, and applying the Scriptures. We strive to strike a balance between letting the text lead your study and giving some structure to your study if you need it. Each guide is created specifically around each week’s focal passage that we read and preach through during our main Sunday gatherings.

Bring K-Ville into Your Home

On the left-hand side of the guide, we supply parents and guardians with K-Ville content from Sunday’s gatherings. There are bible passages, story videos, main ideas, discussion questions, and more! If adults are wanting to bring discipleship to the dining room table, our guides give you the tools to engage your kids around their K-Ville lesson from that week.