How We Approach Ministry

Our Aim

In everything we do, we aim is to love the Lord and our neighbor, live out the scriptures, and move to engage our culture with the gospel so that we can make, mature and multiply disciples.

God has sent the local church on mission
to be the means
by which his message
is declared to the whole world.

Our Rhythms

While we aim to live in the ordinary with gospel intentionality, we reinforce that with regular rhythms of gathering and scattering.

• WE GATHER together on Sunday mornings and throughout the week in community groups to be built up as disciples of Jesus.

• WE SCATTER back into our neighborhoods, work places, schools – everywhere! – as Spirit-empowered servants and missionaries.

Gospel-Defined Relationships

learning from, following and leading others to Jesus in everyday life

Gospel | Community | Mission

The gospel redefines our relationships.


God’s message is that Jesus lived the life we were supposed to live, died the death we were supposed to die, and freely offers us eternal life that we could never obtain on our own.

The Church

The gospel brings us into God’s family, the church. Gospel community becomes the means by which the gospel is proclaimed, believed and applied so we can mature in Christ.

Our Neighbors

The gospel enables us to live alongside our neighbors, loving, serving, and inviting them into our family and to join God’s. We’re sent on mission to display God’s grace.