How We Work Together

Mobilized for Mission

leading from the scriptures

We know that churches come in many shapes, sizes and structures. While the spread of the gospel is certainly a movement, its mobilized primarily through the planting of local churches as disciples are sent from city to city. Although the New Testament leaves room for flexibility and contextualization when it comes to organizing the local church, it affirms three things: seeing Jesus as the Senior Pastor, establishing a plurality of qualified male elders, and the commissioning of qualified deacons.


Organization Structure

There are four primary leadership roles within The Village:



Group Leaders

Deacons & Team Leads

The head of every church is Jesus, our Chief Shepherd. Every covenant member of The Village aims to trust, serves, and worship Jesus, to whom we are all accountable. His Word is good, sufficient, and authoritative in all of life.

A plurality of qualified male elders are responsible for knowing, feeding, leading, and protecting the church. They’re devoted to the Word and prayer, oversee a particular area in the life of The Village, and equip the church for ministry.

Our community group leaders are men and women who are responsible for ensuring the care of those committed to their group as they pursue Jesus together. They help create a culture of discipleship and care for the flock in smaller groups.

The week-in, week-out operations of the church are carried out under the direction of qualified male and female deacons or team leads. They serve, lead, and multiply other leaders who help shoulder the burden of ministry logistics and tasks.

Elders of The Village

Michael Graham

Teaching & Vision

Adam Hanauer


Scott O’Donohoe

Missional Community

Matt Tucker

Liturgy & Finance