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The Residency

God equips the called, and we want to do our part by resourcing those who are led to plant churches. While we believe that much of the equipping, assessing, and affirming of future church planters should happen through being known by and active in a local church, we also value the importance of formal, intentional development. That’s the purpose of our residency.

Read our Church Planting Residency Framework for more details.

The Resident:
David Hackney

David Hackney is originally from Middletown, Ohio. Upon graduation from Wright State University in 2005, David and his wife, Renee, were soon married. After returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, David was a youth pastor intern at Salem Church of God in Englewood, Ohio. Shortly thereafter, David became a youth and outreach pastor at Ansonia Church of God. After five years of ministry, David then became the lead pastor at the same church for four years.

Along the way, David earned a Master’s Degree in Religion and Christian Leadership through Liberty University. He also completed his 8-year commitment in the Army Reserves. Over the past decade, David and Renee have added three children to their family: Reece (9), Dawson (7), and Rosie (2).

David desired to be a part of a specific type of church where he and his family could flourish in particular ways, so he resigned from his ministry role in 2016 and moved to Hamilton in 2017 to connect with The Village and begin his residency. In addition to planting a church marked by Acts 29’s distinctives, David values humility, holiness, diversity, a life of prayer, and multiplication within the local body. The phrase “make, mature, and multiply disciples” has become an important way of approaching life. David desires to create a church – Cedar City Church in Lebanon, Ohio – that focuses on the building up and equipping of God’s people as well as a strong emphasis on people who do not yet know Jesus.


Meet the Hackneys!

The Hackneys

About David, Renee, and Their Family

David and his wife, Renee, have been married for 12 years and met during the final year of college at Wright State University. After one year of dating, they were engaged to be married when David was called to active duty (Army). They decided to shorten their engagement from 8 months to 12 days. They had their wedding, took a short trip to NYC, and then David left for 18 months for a tour of duty in Iraq.

Upon returning from Iraq, they lived in Dayton, Englewood, and Ansonia, Ohio. The majority of this time was spent in Ansonia, Ohio, where David served as a youth, outreach, and lead pastor of a mid-sized church.

Along the way, David and Renee have been blessed with three beautiful children. Reece, their oldest daughter (9), is extremely active in school and sports and is an all-around ambitious young lady. Dawson (7) is the comedian of the family and loves anything with 2 or 4 wheels. He keeps things lively! Finally, Rosie (2), is the newest addition of the family. Her smile and laugh are infectious and she loves to dance and eat chicken nuggets.

David and his family recently moved to Hamilton, Ohio, in September of 2017 with the desire to plant a church in the near future. They are saturating themselves in the culture of The Village Church as a way to better understand rhythms, relationships, and the collective identity of the church . Moreover, they are connected to a Community Group, serve on a variety of teams, and have recently joined a team of people who serve at the Haven House.

The Hackneys have a passion for Jesus, love the local church, and desire to plant a brand new church in Lebanon, Ohio – Cedar City Church – that looks a lot like The Village. Their goal in the meantime is to build relationships, continue in the process of planting, and dream big as they ask God to provide all that is needed to start this new endeavor.

The Hackney family is excited about the future and look forward to God authoring the story of a new church!

Interested in supporting the Hackneys?

Whether you’re interested in GOING with the Hackneys or SENDING them, here are two ways you can connect with them:

Send David an email!

The Hackneys would love to answer your questions and connect over coffee or a meal. You can reach him via email at

Come to a monthly huddle!

On the first Sunday of each month, David and Renee host a church planting interest huddle right after our morning gathering. All are invited!

Contribute financially!

To make a donation to the Hackneys’ church planting fund, visit The Village’s online giving site through Realm, and select the “Hackney Church Plant Fund.”