A Conversation About Healing and Community Engagement

The Details

Date: Wednesday, April 24th
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Place: The 210 (210 S. 2nd St.)
Cost: Free
Registration Closed
KidCare provided.

The Description

You may not know it, but sexual assault is a part of people’s stories that extends beyond a mere unwelcome memory from their past. The violence of it echoes in the lies that survivors are encouraged to believe about themselves, others, and the Lord. And those echoes have a tangible impact on their relationships, quality of life, spirituality, and more.

This year’s seminar will focus on ways in which the gospel frees us to not only bring our brokenness to the table, but to pursue health and healing. We’ll hear from people who are pursuing and/or providing help, offer information about local resources, and more.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

An Issue for the Family & the Mission

Statistically speaking, it’s likely that someone within your circles – family, friends, co-workers, classmates, or even you personally – has been directly impacted by sexual assault. In the United States, one-in-three women and one-in-six men will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime. If that seems surprising, it’s because most survivors of sexual assault don’t wear their hurt on their sleeves. You may not know it’s part of your neighbor’s stories, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

And that’s true for people in the church, too.

As we’ve heard from brothers and sisters inside and outside The Village over the  years, sexual assault is a family issue for our local church. To be part of the family and the mission at The Village means knowing how sexual assault has impacted the people we’re called to love in our community, as well as the neighbors we’re also called to love and invite into our community. So we have a responsibility to equip and cultivate a community that invites people to bring their whole selves to a table that has room for everyone.

Whether or not you’ve been personally impacted by sexual assault, are aware of someone who has, or consider yourself to be a part of the church, please join us for this annual event.