Formed & Sent Podcast: Complementarian Considerations

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This week’s episode is a little different! We’re unpacking our theological positions and their practical implications when it comes to women and the local church. This is the fruit of much study, dialogue, and prayer, and we hope it serves our church well moving forward. Much of what we talk about here is contained in an eight-page document we’re releasing called Complementarian Considerations.

Because we’re striving to balance being both thorough and accessible in what we’ve put together, we know these two pieces of content may not exhaust every thought, question, or concern you might have. That being the case, we’re inviting anyone who has further questions AFTER reading the document and listening to the podcast to join us for a huddle on Sunday, April 22nd after the gathering. This will NOT be a general teaching time on the topic, but will rather be a place for supplemental Q&A for those inquiring further about anything we haven’t already addressed.

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