Formed & Sent Podcast: Into the Weeds | Work & Rest w/Adam Hanauer (Part One)

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We’re talking all about work and rest for the next two episodes of the podcast! Work is something that all of us – no matter your occupation, employment status, or paycheck – put our hands to every single day. But what actually is work in God’s eyes? Is it a result of sin or is it a good gift? And would God really call us to rest? Doesn’t it just get in the way of being productive? Should we really be working for the weekend?

Although Matt couldn’t join us for this conversation, Adam Hanauer took his seat at the table! Adam is a lay pastor here at The Village, and he brings a unique and valuable voice into this conversation as an elder who leads and labors in a traditional workplace. In fact, he kicked off our current sermon series, “Toil & Rest,” just a couple weeks ago by talking about God’s good gift of work.

Stream above or download the MP3.