Formed & Sent Podcast: Making Lent Less Fuzzy

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What in the world is Lent? Many of us may have never practiced it before, let alone heard of it. And some of us may have been part of a faith tradition that celebrated it regularly. Whether we merely know it from afar or have personal experiences participating in it, you probably don’t know what Lent means to The Village.

As we gear up to recognize the season during our Sunday gatherings, we wanted to paint a picture of what it is, where it comes from, and some healthy ways to go about participating (or not participating!) in Lent this year. We hope our conversation’s helpful!

(QUALITY CONTROL: As we continue to play with our recording setup, there may be some variation in audio quality. We assure you it’s 100% user error on OUR end, not yours! This week’s audio gets a little distorted when our antics escalate. We’ll tweak it next week and hope to have it down to a science soon for the sake of your listening experience! Thanks for your grace and patience in the meantime! -Scott)

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