Formed & Sent Podcast: Sending Cedar City (w/David Hackney)

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[Note: Sorry about the audio quality on this one, folks! It appears as if the built-in laptop mic was capturing the audio instead of our nicer stand-alone microphone. Sorry for the inconvenience!]

For the last 18 months, Pastor David Hackney has been our Church Planting Resident as he, his family, and a core group of people from The Village planned to plant a brand new local church in Lebanon, Ohio. This past Sunday, we officially sent them out from under our wings and onto their new adventure on their own. Thankfully, they’re not too far away!

So this week, Matt, Michael and Scott brought David to the table to talk about his journey into church planting, what the process so far has been like, and where they are now. Likewise, we get to share what it was like from our perspective and lessons we’ve learned along the way. Hope you enjoy!

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