Formed & Sent Podcast: Wonders Never Cease!

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We’re back! We’re probably a bit rusty (and if we’re honest, a bit weary!) from the summer “break,” but Season 2 (are we doing seasons now?) of the podcast is here!

The Village’s current sermon series, Broken Beauty, has us right in the middle of Paul’s discussion about spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12-14. Since there could be a whole series on that topic alone, we thought we’d supplement our Sunday sermons by talking a little bit more about spiritual gifts here. What are they? Are they still around today? What are the various perspectives on them? We know this discussion won’t be exhaustive, but we hope you find it helpful!

While we clearly land on one side, we want to be fair in offering resources from both sides on this open-handed issue. We believe Sam Storms strikes an all-too-rare balance in his approach to understanding and practicing the gifts as a continuationist, and we’ve linked to some resources from John MacArthur, Tim Challies, and Thomas Schreiner to shed a little light on the cessationist side of things.

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