Village Discipleship Tracks

Our Next Course:

Saturdays, 9am-12pm
November 4th, 11th, 18th


We’ll address four topics:

1. The Bible: What kind of book is it?
2. The Story: What story does it tell and to what hope does it point?
3. The Doctrine: What are the key doctrines of Scripture?
4. The Life: How do we live out our calling?

Participants will receive “Visual Theology” by Tim Challies for FREE.

Explicitly Laying the Groundwork for Growth

While discipleship transcends every area of life and each minute of the day, there’s a place for formal discipleship opportunities. Sunday gatherings, community group gatherings, Truth & Culture, and Rooted are all great examples of this. So why would The Village need another formal set of discipleship opportunities?

While we preach through various books on Sundays, discuss those texts with our groups, and move from topic to topic in Truth & Culture and Rooted, we want to make sure we’re laying the proper, explicit, and comprehensive foundations for every disciple’s continued growth in Christ. Those things don’t change. Though they might be active and influential underneath the surface of everything we already do, it’s necessary that we clearly ground one another in that which is foundational.

If we merely assume that the essentials are there and that everyone already “gets it,” then we can’t be surprised when disciples drift, leaders fail, and our community becomes formed and sent by something other than the gospel. So we’ve created three discipleship tracks to make sure we’re laying the groundwork necessary to mature and multiply disciples who make new maturing, multiplying disciples.

Details for specific opportunities within each track will be noted here when available. Check to the left for our most recent class, and scroll down to see an overview of the tracks. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at

Our Three Tracks

click here for an overview via Google Slides

Biblical Theology

knowing God and his creation

Make disciples that are grounded in biblical foundations and the basics of Christian theology and teaching.


  • Foundations
  • Biblical Doctrine

Village Outlets:


  • Bible
  • Village Gate
  • Visual Theology, Tim Challies
  • PROOF, Daniel Montgomery
  • Doctrine, Mark Driscoll
  • Understanding the Bible, John Stott

Gospel & Life

how God changes the way we live

Mature disciples in the “language” of the gospel and life application in the everyday stuff of life.


  • Language of the Gospel
  • Living on Mission in Community

Village Outlets:

  • Spring & Fall Bible Studies
  • Equips & Labs


  • Gospel-Centered Life, Bob Thune
  • Porterbrook Courses
  • Gospel Fluency, Jeff Vanderstelt
  • Make, Mature, Multiply, Brandon Smith

Gospel Leadership

how God changes the way we lead

Multiply disciples that model gospel leadership in all facets of life AND in the church.


  • Group Leadership Basics
  • Gospel Eldership

Village Outlets:

  • Leading a particular outlet!
    (tailored to the individual)


  • Biblical Eldership, Alexander Strauch
  • Dangerous Calling, Paul Tripp
  • Total Church, Tim Chester