2018 Vacation Bible School

The Details

Dates: June 25-29th
Times: 6:00-8:30pm
Place: The 210
Ages: K-6th Graders
Cost: FREE!

Registration: OPEN!**
**will close at 75 kids

PROOF Pirates!

Why It Matters

Chore charts. Report cards. Standardized tests. Athletic banquets. Kids are inundated with messages about their performance. Because performance—work and reward—is one of the basic structures of our lives, kids often grow up thinking, ‘I am what I am because of what I do . . . or because of what I’ve failed to do.’ How different this message sounds from the biblical message of redemption by grace!

PROOF Pirates introduces kids to God’s amazing grace through a fun-to-read pirate story about a boy named Jesse whose parents send him on a scavenger hunt. Along the way, children will learn with Jesse key truths about God’s grace using the popular PROOF acronym (God’s grace is Planned, Resurrecting, Outrageous, Overcoming, and Forever). God’s grace—and not our performance—makes us who we are.


This Year’s Curriculum:

Proof Pirates

What can your kids expect?

Kids will spend the week in small groups based on their grade. This will let our leaders engage them in age-appropriate ways as they travel from center to center throughout The 210, digging into the riches of Ephesians 1-2. So what kind of things will they encounter throughout the week?

  • Pirates!
  • A chance to make some seaworthy “arrr”-ts and crafts with their mateys.
  • Swashbuckling snacks and sea shanties (that’s pirate language for “songs!”).
  • Skeletons!
  • Treasure maps and bible studies to unearth riches that’ll last a lifetime.
  • Mighty challenges putting their pirate skills to the test in games and activities.
  • Buried treasure!
  • A message of God’s grace for all scalawags, big and small!

Want to register?

Click here to register online. We can accept up to 75 kids this year. Once we reach our limit, registration will be closed. We’ll send you a confirmation once we receive your information!

Interested in helping out?

Whether you’re interested in GOING with the Hackneys or SENDING them, here are two ways you can connect with them:


VBS is a lot of work! If you’d like to lend a hand this year, email Pastor Scott O’Donohoe at scott.odonohoe@myvillagechurch.com.


Soon we’ll have an online giving fund up and running for anyone wanting to financially contribute to making VBS happen this year.


Invite kids you know to join us this year. We’d love to serve them and their families this year by offering them a fun, gospel-centered experience.