Who We Are as a Local Church

We are a community
formed by the gospel
& sent on mission.

Declaring Who We Are

If you gather with us on a Sunday morning, then you’ll hear us say that we’re a community formed by the gospel and sent on God’s mission. This is who we are. And who we are directly impacts what we do. But what does that mean? By reaching and watching what’s on this page, we hope you’ll gain a better understanding of who we are.


What It Means to be Formed & Sent

 unpacking gospel, community and mission

GOSPEL | The gospel changes who we are.

God is holy, we are sinful, but Jesus is sufficient to redeem, redefine, and restore us. He is our substitute in life, giving us the righteousness he earned by his good works. He is our substitute in death, removing our guilt and God’s wrath on the cross. And he is our hope for peace and life with God today and forever because of his resurrection. Our identity is found in the person and work of Jesus.

COMMUNITY | The gospel brings us together.

We were made in God’s image. Since God lives in community as the Father, Son, and Spirit, we’re made to live in community, too. By giving us a new personal identity, the gospel also gives us a new family. As brothers and sisters, the Spirit knits us together in spite of our differences to encourage us, comfort us, rebuke us, teach us, and train us up into maturity. We are made to pursue Jesus together.


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MISSION | The gospel sends us as missionaries.

Jesus came to gather people into God’s family. We get to continue what Jesus began by inviting our neighbors into God’s family, too. The gospel frees us from pursuing people as projects. Instead, we get to live in the ordinary with gospel intentionality, inviting our neighbors to share in daily life with us and our community. We are sent to make, mature and multiply disciples of Christ among our neighbors.