Membership at The Village

Becoming a Member

While we have a formal process for membership, it’s not meant to be a series of hoops to jump through or boxes to check. We want to make sure that you know us, that we know you, and that we’re a good fit for the long haul – for your sake and for the church’s!

1) Attend The Village Gate. 

This three-hour gathering will give you a good idea of who The Village is, how we see and do things, and why we are the way we are. While attending this is required for membership, anyone – whether or not you’re sure about wanting to pursue membership – is welcome to join us!


2) Listen to our “Formed & Sent” sermon series.

These three sermons unpack what we mean when we say we’re a community formed by the gospel and sent on mission.

>>Church Community
>>Sent on Mission

3) Meet with Village elders.

Before you commit to anything, we want to give a personal ear to your questions and concerns. We’ll also want to know about your story, how you became part of God’s family, and where God has brought you since then.

What is membership?

Becoming a member is your way of saying that you’re committed to the family and the mission here at The Village. Why does that matter, though? Isn’t it simply a formality? Can’t people be committed without having to become a covenant member?

Throughout the New Testament, we see that pastors are charged with shepherding the flock that’s among them. In a culture where commitment isn’t always esteemed and church-shopping is a regular phenomenon, it’s important for our elders to know who’s part of the flock they’re responsible for shepherding. Membership is one way for us to know that.

In covenant membership, the elders covenant to provide biblical leadership and care to their members, and members covenant to live as faithful disciples together in community and on mission.

Who can become a member?

 We’re convinced that we shouldn’t go out of our way to make it harder to become part of our family than it is to become part of God’s family. Outside of making sure you know what you’re getting yourself into by committing to The Village, future members will bear the fundamental marks of anyone who’s part of God’s family.

You can be a member of The Village if…

   …you profess faith in Jesus Christ according to the gospel.

   …your life demonstrates repentance and belief according to the Scriptures.

   …you understand and are aligned with The Village according to the Village Gate.

Is membership for life?

People come and go. Folks move. Some people are called elsewhere, and some simply can’t track with us anymore. We know those are all realities that every church faces. We don’t want to keep a member list filled with people who are no longer among us, nor do we want to keep people locked down at The Village if they feel the need to move on.

Because membership serves as a way for us to know who’s “among us,” we ask members to renew their commitment annually. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to reflect on how we’ve been formed and sent to love, live and move over the last year and to reassess how aligned we really are with the family and mission of The Village. If you’re already a member, follow this link to read about and complete our annual renewal process.