Our Convictions on Global Missions

The Mission

We fulfill God’s mission locally by making, maturing, and multiplying disciples. And as Jesus commanded, we also get to advance that same mission in other cities, regions, and nations, too!

The Means

Since the mission is the same no matter where we go, the primary means of that mission are the same, as well: the Word, the Spirit, and the church. Because of that, we firmly believe that missions ought to happen through, for, and in partnership with local churches who are driven by the Spirit and hold fast to the Word as their rule of faith.

The Musts

And at the same, we recognize the beauty in the gospel expressing itself uniquely in every tribe, tongue, and nation. Cultural contextualization and indigenous leadership are two musts when it comes to global missions. We want to export universal, timeless truths apart from our own localized norms, values, or traditions.

The Motive

Our motive in the mission isn’t to be the saviors of the world, but rather to point the world to a better Savior. When we link arms with others for the sake of missions, it’s to both give and receive as mutual partners in the kingdom of God. We have much to learn, be encouraged by, and gain from brothers and sisters across town and on the other side of the world.

Church Planting: Los Chilitos, Guatemala

Through the Acts 29 Rural Collective, we’ve partnered with Pastor Mitch Munoz and his church plant, Casa de Libertad, in a village outside Guatemala City called Los Chilitos. In early 2019, we sent a couple of people on a discovery trip to meet Pastor Mitch and the people of Los Chilitos in person. Together, we hope to grow one another in the gospel by continuing to go there, by supporting one another in fellowship, training, and coaching, and by giving to one another’s needs.

To learn more, you can visit the website of their sending church in Guatemala City (also called Casa de Libertad) at casadelibertad.org, and you can watch a short video from Acts 29’s Rural Collective below:

Lemonade International: La Limonada, Guatemala

We’re also partnering with a nearby non-profit organization called Lemonade International. It aims at working with locals to impact the “largest urban slum in Central America,” La Limonada. There are a number of ways you can support their efforts, including sponsoring a child, joining us on a trip there, or raising money to help fund their work. You can learn more about Lemonade International and the story of La Limonada at their website.

Church Planting

Whether you’re interested in GOING with the Hackneys or SENDING them, here are two ways you can connect with them:


We offer a church planting residency for those who are interested and qualified. Read more about our Residency Framework and contact us at info@myvillagechurch.com for more.

Acts 29

The Village is part of a diverse, global family of church-planting churches called Acts 29. They’re a great resource for assessing, training, and sending church planters. More: acts29.com

Cedar City Church

In Spring 2019, we sent out our very first church plant. Cedar City Church desires to glorify God by being a community formed by the gospel and sent on mission. More: cedarcitychurch.com

Cedar City Church