What To Expect on Sunday Morning

Come As You Are

Dress as casual or as formal as you’d like. Feel free to bring your own coffee or grab a free cup inside. When you get here, we’ll open the door, hand you The Weekly (our bulletin), and help you with anything you want to know at the Connect Desk. Can’t wait to see you!

Sundays | 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM
Feel free to come early and stay late.

The 210
210 S. Second Street, Lower Level
Hamilton, OH 45011
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Bringing Kids?

Our volunteers will help you check your children into the right K-Ville class.

  • Kids through sixth grade are encouraged to engage in age-appropriate experiences that draws them into the gospel. To learn more about K-Ville and how we equip families at The Village, go here.
  • Students in grades 7-12 are encouraged to worship, pray, engage with the sermon, and participate in the large gathering. For more information about Student Life at The Village, visit this page.


If you have any questions or concerns while you’re with us, visit the Connect Desk directly in front of the main entrance.


The Order of Gathering

Setting foot in an unfamiliar church can be a little unsettling. To help you feel more at home when you arrive, below is the typical flow for our Sunday morning gatherings.


Call to Worship & Welcome

At 10:30am the band will call us to worship with Scripture and an opening song,
after which someone will welcome everyone and setup the rest of the morning’s gathering.



The band will lead us in singing songs to, for, and about God,
reading a passage or two of Scripture, and praying for God’s Spirit to move in our hearts that morning.


Reading of the Focal Passage

At some point before or towards the beginning of the sermon,
someone will read the main passage of Scripture that will be unpacked that morning through the sermon.
You can follow along in a bible or on the screens.
If you need a bible, we’d love to give you one as a gift at the Connect Desk!



An elder or qualified teacher will spend roughly 40 minutes reading, explaining, and applying Scripture to our lives.
If you want to hear an example, listen to past sermons here.


Time of Response

Because God’s Word is living and his Spirit is active,
we want to give everyone time to reflect and respond through prayer, communion, and trusting in Jesus.
(We offer gluten-free unleavened bread and grape juice as our communion elements.)


Closing Announcements & Benediction

Someone will close out the gathering with announcements and a good word.
Feel free to hang out afterwards! We love to linger before and after the gathering.